A Duck Walked Up To A Lemonade Stand Lyrics

Duck walking up to a lemonade stand

If you haven’t heard the viral children’s song “A Duck Walked Up To A Lemonade Stand,” you’re missing out on a fun and catchy tune that has taken the internet by storm. The song has become a popular meme and has been covered by various artists, but where did it all start? Let’s dive into the lyrics and the story behind the song.

The Lyrics

A Duck Walked Up To A Lemonade Stand Lyrics

The lyrics of the song are simple and easy to remember, making it the perfect sing-along for kids and adults alike. It goes like this:

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand
And he said to the man, running the stand,
“Hey! (bum bum bum) Got any grapes?”

The man said,
“No, we just sell lemonade. But it’s cold
And it’s fresh
And it’s all home-made. Would you like a glass?”

The duck said,
“I’ll pass”.
Then he waddled away, (waddle waddle)
Till the very next day.

Bum bum bum bum ba-bada-dum

The Origin

A duck walking

The song was originally written and performed by Bryant Oden, a songwriter and musician from Colorado. He uploaded the song on his YouTube channel in 2009, and it quickly gained popularity among children and their parents. The catchy tune and the silly lyrics made it a hit among the younger audience.

As the song gained more traction, it also became a meme on various social media platforms. People started creating their own versions of the song, adding their twists and turns to the duck’s journey to the lemonade stand. The meme also inspired numerous parodies, remixes, and covers, making it a viral sensation.

The Meaning

A duck thinking

While the song may seem like a silly and nonsensical story of a duck asking for grapes at a lemonade stand, it has a deeper meaning. The song teaches kids the importance of being polite and respectful when asking for something. The duck may not have gotten what he wanted, but he didn’t throw a fit or cause a scene. He simply said “I’ll pass” and walked away.

The song also teaches kids the value of persistence. The duck may not have gotten grapes on the first day, but he didn’t give up. He came back the next day, hoping for a different outcome. This lesson can be applied to various aspects of life, reminding us that success often comes with hard work and perseverance.

The Legacy

A duck at a lemonade stand

“A Duck Walked Up To A Lemonade Stand” has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless memes, videos, and remixes. It has also become a beloved children’s song, with parents and teachers using it to teach valuable lessons to their little ones. The song’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and it continues to spread joy and laughter to people around the world.


If you’re looking for a fun and catchy song to brighten up your day, “A Duck Walked Up To A Lemonade Stand” is the perfect choice. Its silly lyrics and upbeat melody make it a favorite among kids and adults alike, and its deeper message of politeness and persistence makes it a valuable lesson for everyone. So, the next time you’re feeling down, just remember: “Hey! Got any grapes?”

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