Alicia Keys You Don’t Know My Name Lyrics

Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name Lyrics


Alicia Keys is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. She has won numerous awards including 15 Grammy Awards, 17 NAACP Image Awards, and 9 Billboard Music Awards. One of her hit songs is “You Don’t Know My Name” which was released in 2003. The song became a massive hit and topped the charts in several countries. In this article, we will analyze the lyrics of “You Don’t Know My Name” and explore its meaning.

Verse 1

Baby, baby, baby
From the day I saw you
Really, really wanted to catch your eye
Somethin’ special ’bout you
I must really like you
‘Cause not a lotta guys are worth my time

Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name Lyrics verse 1

The first verse of the song introduces the protagonist who is infatuated with a guy she saw. She finds him special and worth her time, which is a rare quality in men according to her. The verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is about the protagonist’s desire to get to know the guy.


‘Cause if I was your girlfriend
I’d be there every day
And if I was your girlfriend
I wouldn’t be so far away
‘Cause you don’t know my name
And I swear it feels like
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
You don’t know my name

Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name Lyrics chorus

The chorus of the song is catchy and memorable. It highlights the protagonist’s desire to be closer to the guy she likes. The repetition of “You don’t know my name” emphasizes the protagonist’s frustration and sadness that her crush doesn’t even know her name.

Verse 2

Round and round and round and round we go
Will you ever know? Oh, oh, oh
If you’re just a fool and I’m fooling with you
Tell me why can’t I find somebody else
‘Cause you’re the one for me
(I don’t know) How could you not see?

Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name Lyrics verse 2

This verse is about the protagonist’s confusion and frustration. She wonders if she is wasting her time on someone who doesn’t even know her name. She questions whether the guy is a fool or if she is the one who is foolish for liking him. Despite her doubts, she still believes that he is the one for her.


I bet you’re wondering how I knew
‘Bout your plans to make me blue
With some other guy you knew before
Between the two of us guys
You know I love you more
It took me by surprise I must say

Alicia Keys You Don't Know My Name Lyrics bridge

The bridge of the song reveals a twist in the story. The protagonist knows about the guy’s plans to be with someone else, and she admits that she loves him more than the other person. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the protagonist’s feelings, and it shows that she is not just a naive girl with a crush.


“You Don’t Know My Name” is a powerful song that explores the theme of unrequited love. Alicia Keys’ soulful voice and the catchy melody make this song a classic. The lyrics are relatable, and they capture the frustration and sadness of being in love with someone who doesn’t even know your name. The song has stood the test of time and remains a fan favorite to this day.

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