C’est Si Bon Lyrics Eartha Kitt

C'est Si Bon Lyrics Eartha Kitt


Eartha Kitt was an American singer, actress, and cabaret star known for her sultry voice and magnetic presence. She recorded many hit songs throughout her career, but one of her most famous is “C’est Si Bon.” In this article, we will explore the lyrics of this iconic song and what they mean.

Verse 1

“C’est Si Bon” translates to “It’s So Good” in English. The first verse of the song goes like this:

“C’est si bon
De partir n’importe où
Bras dessus bras dessous
En chantant des chansons
Ce n’est pas si mal
Si l’on se laisse aller
A deux sous de romantisme
Nous changerons tout
Le ciel sera bleu, le soleil aura ta couleur”

C'est Si Bon

This verse talks about how good it is to travel anywhere with someone you love, singing songs and embracing each other. The lyrics suggest that it’s not a bad thing to be romantic and that together, they can change everything. The last line is particularly beautiful, as it talks about how the sky will be blue and the sun will have the color of the person they love.


The chorus of “C’est Si Bon” is catchy and memorable:

“C’est si bon
De vieillir entre amis
De rire et de manger
Parce que rien ne vaut la vie
Oui, l’amour et la vie
Le soleil de chaque jour
Ils nous donnent envie
De faire des folies d’amour”

C'est Si Bon Lyrics

This part of the song talks about the joys of growing old with friends, laughing, and eating together. The lyrics suggest that nothing is more valuable than life, love, and the sun. They give us the desire to do crazy things for love.

Verse 2

The second verse of “C’est Si Bon” is just as beautiful as the first:

“C’est si bon
De guetter dans ses yeux
Un espoir merveilleux
Qui donne le frisson
Quand il nous prend la main
Il fait passer dans notre âme
Des éclairs de chaleur
Des frissons de bonheur”

Eartha Kitt

This verse talks about the thrill of waiting for a wonderful hope in someone’s eyes, which gives us shivers. When they take our hand, it makes us feel warm and happy inside.


The bridge of “C’est Si Bon” is short but sweet:

“L’amour qui nous donne envie de vivre
Nous donne envie de tout partager
Et l’on se sent heureux”

Love and Sharing

This part of the song talks about how love gives us the desire to share everything and makes us feel happy.


“C’est Si Bon” is a beautiful song that celebrates life, love, and the simple pleasures that make it worth living. Eartha Kitt’s sultry voice and the catchy melody make it an instant classic that continues to be beloved by generations of fans. Whether you speak French or not, the lyrics of this song are sure to touch your heart and make you feel grateful for the people and experiences that make life so sweet.

Eartha Kitt

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