Can T Let You Go Fabolous Lyrics


Can’t Let You Go is a popular song by American rapper Fabolous, featuring singer Lil’ Mo and former member of R&B group Jagged Edge, Mike Shorey. The song was released in 2003 as the lead single from Fabolous’ album, Street Dreams. It was a commercial success, peaking at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of Can’t Let You Go are about a man who is deeply in love with a woman and cannot let her go, despite the problems in their relationship. The song is an ode to the power of love and the pain that comes with it. Fabolous’ verses are filled with metaphors and wordplay, while Lil’ Mo and Mike Shorey’s smooth vocals add a touch of soul to the track.

The Chorus

The chorus of Can’t Let You Go is catchy and memorable, with Lil’ Mo’s soulful vocals taking center stage. The lyrics go:

“I can’t let you go, boo, I just can’t let you go, boo

Nobody else can do what you do, boo

So, I’m gonna keep you, I’m gonna hold you, I’m gonna squeeze you, so tight”

The Bridge

The bridge of Can’t Let You Go features Mike Shorey’s vocals, adding a touch of R&B to the track. The lyrics go:

“I wanna take some time out to think things through, I know it’s time to do what I gotta do

And I’m gonna do what I gotta do, to be there for you, to be there for you”

The Music Video

The music video for Can’t Let You Go features Fabolous, Lil’ Mo, and Mike Shorey in various locations, including a beach and a nightclub. The video is shot in a romantic and cinematic style, with Fabolous and Lil’ Mo sharing intimate moments on screen. The video was directed by Erik White and was a hit on MTV and BET.

The Legacy

Can’t Let You Go remains one of Fabolous’ most popular songs and is considered a classic in the hip-hop and R&B genres. The song has been covered and sampled by various artists, including singer Chris Brown on his hit song Run It! and rapper Lil Wayne on his track Comfortable. Can’t Let You Go has also been featured in movies and TV shows, cementing its place in pop culture history.


Can’t Let You Go is a timeless love song that continues to resonate with audiences today. Its catchy chorus, smooth vocals, and poetic lyrics make it a standout track in Fabolous’ discography. Whether you’re in love or not, Can’t Let You Go is a must-listen for any fan of hip-hop and R&B music.

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