Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights Lyrics

Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights Lyrics


Charles In Charge is an American sitcom that aired from 1984 to 1990. The show was created by Michael Jacobs and starred Scott Baio as Charles. The show’s theme song, “Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights,” was written by David Kurtz and Michael Jacobs.

The Lyrics

The lyrics to “Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights” are as follows:

Charles in charge of our days and our nights
Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights
And I see I want, I want Charles in charge of me

The song’s lyrics are simple and straightforward, with a catchy melody that made it instantly recognizable to audiences.

The Meaning

The lyrics to “Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights” reflect the show’s premise, which centers around Charles taking care of a family’s children while also managing the household. The song emphasizes Charles’ role as a responsible and trustworthy authority figure who is in charge of both the family’s daily activities and their moral compass.

The Legacy

“Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights” became an iconic theme song for a generation of viewers who grew up watching the show. Today, the song is still remembered fondly by fans who appreciate its catchy melody and nostalgic appeal.

Scott Baio Charles In Charge

Scott Baio’s Performance

Scott Baio was the perfect choice to play Charles in the show, with his charming personality and boyish good looks making him a hit with audiences. Baio’s performance helped to make the show a success and cemented his status as a beloved television actor.

The Show’s Impact

Charles In Charge was a popular show that tackled important issues such as family values, teenage rebellion, and the challenges of growing up. The show’s themes and characters resonated with audiences, making it a cultural touchstone of the 1980s.

Michael Jacobs Charles In Charge

Michael Jacobs’ Legacy

Michael Jacobs, the co-creator of Charles In Charge, was a talented writer and producer who made a significant impact on television during his career. In addition to Charles In Charge, Jacobs also created hit shows such as Boy Meets World and Dinosaurs, cementing his status as one of the most influential figures in television history.

The Show’s Cast

In addition to Scott Baio, Charles In Charge also starred a talented cast of actors who helped to bring the show’s characters to life. Notable cast members included Willie Aames, Nicole Eggert, and Josie Davis, all of whom went on to have successful careers in Hollywood.

The Show’s Enduring Popularity

Despite ending its run in 1990, Charles In Charge remains a beloved show that is still remembered fondly by fans today. The show’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless themes and relatable characters, which continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

Charles In Charge Dvd

The DVD Release

In 2011, Charles In Charge was released on DVD, bringing the show’s classic episodes to a new generation of fans. The DVD set includes all five seasons of the show, as well as special features such as interviews with the cast and crew.

The Show’s Place in Pop Culture

Charles In Charge occupies a special place in pop culture history, serving as a time capsule of the 1980s and a reminder of the era’s values and attitudes. The show remains a beloved classic that continues to be enjoyed by fans of all ages.


Charles In Charge Of Our Days And Our Nights is a classic theme song that reflects the show’s timeless themes and enduring popularity. The show’s catchy melody and relatable characters have made it a beloved cultural touchstone that continues to be enjoyed by fans today.

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