James Taylor Something In The Way She Moves Lyrics

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James Taylor is an American singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry for over five decades. He has released numerous hit songs and albums, including “Something In The Way She Moves,” which was his debut single in 1968. This song is still widely popular today and is loved by many for its beautiful lyrics and melody.

Something In The Way She Moves Lyrics

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of “Something In The Way She Moves” are simple yet powerful. The song is essentially a love song, but it is not just about the surface level of love. The lyrics are deeper and more introspective, reflecting on the way that love can change a person and how that change can be both good and bad.

The opening lines of the song set the tone for the rest of the lyrics: “There’s something in the way she moves, or looks my way, or calls my name, that seems to leave this troubled world behind.” These lines suggest that the person singing the song feels that the love they have found is a refuge from the troubles of the world.

The lyrics continue to explore the transformative power of love, with lines such as “As if to say, you were meant for me, and I was meant for you” and “And if I’m feeling down and blue, or troubled by some foolish game, she always seems to make me change my mind.” These lines suggest that the love the singer has found is not just a passing feeling but something deeper and more profound.

The song’s chorus is simple yet memorable: “Something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover. Something in the way she woos me, I don’t want to leave her now. You know I believe and how.” These lines express the singer’s profound attraction to the person they are singing about and their desire to be with them forever.

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Impact and Legacy

“Something In The Way She Moves” was a hit when it was first released in 1968, reaching #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, its impact has lasted far beyond its initial release. The song has been covered by numerous artists over the years, including the Beatles, who famously used the opening line of the song in their own hit “Something.”

The song’s impact and legacy can also be seen in its continued popularity today. It is still played on the radio and is a staple of James Taylor’s live performances. The song’s timeless lyrics and melody continue to resonate with listeners of all ages.

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“Something In The Way She Moves” is a classic love song that has stood the test of time. Its simple yet profound lyrics and beautiful melody have made it a beloved song for generations of music lovers. James Taylor’s debut single continues to inspire and move people today, cementing its place in music history.

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