Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blue On Black Lyrics


Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a renowned blues guitarist and songwriter who has earned worldwide recognition for his music. One of his most popular songs is “Blue On Black”, which was released in 1997. The song features lyrics that are both poetic and emotionally charged, making it a favorite among fans of blues music.

The Lyrics

The lyrics to “Blue On Black” are a testament to Shepherd’s skill as a songwriter. The song begins with the lines, “Night falls and I’m alone, skin, yeah, chilled me to the bone.” These words evoke a sense of loneliness and isolation that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

The chorus of the song is perhaps the most well-known part of the lyrics. It features the lines, “Blue on black, tears on a river, push on a shove, it don’t mean much. Joker on jack, match on a fire, cold on ice, is a dead man’s touch.” These words are both haunting and beautiful, and they capture the essence of the blues genre.

The Meaning

Like many blues songs, the lyrics to “Blue On Black” are open to interpretation. Some listeners believe that the song is about lost love or a broken relationship, while others interpret it as a commentary on the state of the world.

Regardless of how one interprets the lyrics, it is clear that they are deeply emotional and powerful. The song has resonated with listeners around the world and has become a classic in the blues genre.


Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Blue On Black” is a song that has stood the test of time. Its powerful lyrics and haunting melody have made it a favorite among blues fans for over two decades. Whether one is a longtime fan of Shepherd’s music or is just discovering it for the first time, “Blue On Black” is a song that is not to be missed.

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