Kid Rock Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live Lyrics

Kid Rock Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live Lyrics


Kid Rock is a legendary American singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and actor who has sold over 35 million records worldwide. He is known for his unique blend of country, rock, rap, and blues music. Kid Rock’s latest single, “Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live,” has taken the world by storm with its powerful lyrics and catchy beat.

Kid Rock

Verse 1

The song opens with Kid Rock’s signature rap style, as he proclaims his independence and self-confidence. He says, “I’m an outlaw, quick on the draw, somethin’ you’ve never seen before.” This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is all about standing up for oneself and not letting others dictate how we live our lives.



The chorus is incredibly catchy, with a powerful beat that will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head. Kid Rock sings, “Nobody gonna tell me how to live. My life is mine, my rights, they’re mine. Nobody gonna tell me how to live. This is my life, and I’m livin’ it now.” The message is clear: we have the right to live our lives on our own terms and not let anyone else tell us what to do.


Verse 2

In the second verse, Kid Rock talks about the struggles he has faced in his life and how he has overcome them. He says, “I’ve seen the devil in my path, but I’ll prevail. I’m fearless, I’m peerless, I’m known to be relentless.” This verse is all about resilience and not letting the challenges of life hold us back.



The bridge of the song is a powerful statement about the importance of individual freedom and the dangers of conformity. Kid Rock sings, “I’m not gonna change, I’m not gonna bend. I’m not gonna break, I’m not gonna pretend. I’m not gonna act like I’m your friend. I’m just livin’ my life, and I’m doin’ it till the end.” This message is especially relevant in today’s world, where conformity and groupthink are all too common.

Individual Freedom


Kid Rock’s “Nobody Gonna Tell Me How To Live” is a powerful anthem for individual freedom and self-expression. Its catchy beat and powerful lyrics make it a must-listen for anyone who is tired of being told how to live their life. So turn up the volume, sing along, and remember: nobody’s gonna tell you how to live.

Kid Rock

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