King Of The Night Time World Lyrics

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The Beginnings of KISS

KISS, the iconic American rock band, was formed in 1973 in New York City. The band consisted of four members: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. From the beginning, KISS was known for their theatrical performances and outrageous costumes.

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King Of The Night Time World

“King Of The Night Time World” is a song that was released on KISS’s fourth studio album, “Destroyer,” in 1976. The song was written by Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin, and Kim Fowley. “King Of The Night Time World” is a fast-paced, high-energy song that is often considered one of KISS’s most popular songs.

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The lyrics of “King Of The Night Time World” are about a person who is looking for excitement and adventure. The song opens with the lyrics:

“It’s so sad, livin’ at home. Far from the city and the midnight fun.”

The chorus of the song features the famous line:

“I’m the king of the night time world, and you’re my headlight queen.”

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Impact of the Song

“King Of The Night Time World” was a hit for KISS, reaching #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has become a fan favorite and is often included in the band’s live performances. The song also helped to solidify KISS’s reputation as a high-energy rock band.

Legacy of KISS

KISS has had a long and successful career, with numerous hit songs and albums. The band is known for their elaborate stage shows and iconic makeup and costumes. KISS has influenced many other musicians and bands and continues to be a beloved and influential part of American music history.

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“King Of The Night Time World” is a classic song from one of America’s most iconic rock bands. The song’s lyrics and high-energy music continue to resonate with fans today, and KISS’s influence can still be felt in the music industry. KISS’s legacy is secure, and their music will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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