Lyrics Never Would Have Made It Marvin Sapp

Marvin Sapp never would have made it


Marvin Sapp is an American gospel singer who has touched many hearts with his music. One of his most popular songs is “Never Would Have Made It.” This song has become an anthem for many people who have faced difficult times in their lives. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of “Never Would Have Made It” and what they mean to its listeners.

Verse 1

The first verse of “Never Would Have Made It” begins with a powerful statement: “Never would have made it, never could have made it, without you.” This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is a tribute to the strength and support that comes from having faith in God. The verse goes on to describe the various trials and tribulations that the singer has faced, including “heartache and pain” and “losing my mind.”

Marvin Sapp never would have made it lyrics


The chorus of “Never Would Have Made It” is perhaps the most memorable part of the song. It repeats the line “I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I’m better, much better” several times, underscoring the idea that the singer has come through his struggles with a newfound sense of strength and resilience. The chorus also includes the phrase “thank you Lord,” which is a common refrain throughout the song.

Verse 2

The second verse of “Never Would Have Made It” continues the theme of overcoming adversity through faith. It describes the singer’s journey from “a broken heart” to “a brand new start,” and emphasizes the role that God played in helping him to get there. The verse also includes the lines “I made it through my storm and my test,” which further underscores the idea that the singer’s struggles have made him stronger.

Marvin Sapp never would have made it song


The bridge of “Never Would Have Made It” is a brief interlude that emphasizes the importance of having faith in difficult times. It includes the lines “I’m a living testimony, I could have been dead and gone, but Lord you let me live on.” These words are a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always hope.


“Never Would Have Made It” is a song that has touched many people’s lives. Its message of hope and resilience has resonated with listeners all over the world, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for those facing difficult times. By exploring the lyrics of this song, we can gain a deeper understanding of the power of faith and the importance of never giving up.

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