Make My Funk The P Funk Lyrics

The Origins of P Funk

The P Funk sound originated in the 1970s with George Clinton and his bands, Parliament and Funkadelic. The music was a fusion of funk, soul, and psychedelic rock, and it quickly gained a large following. The band was known for their extravagant live shows, which included elaborate costumes and stage props. They also had a distinctive visual aesthetic, with album covers and promotional materials featuring colorful, cartoonish characters.

The Meaning of “Make My Funk The P Funk”

“Make My Funk The P Funk” is a phrase that appears in several P Funk songs. The meaning of the phrase is somewhat ambiguous, but it is generally interpreted as a call to embrace the P Funk sound and lifestyle. The P Funk movement was more than just music – it was a cultural phenomenon that included fashion, language, and a sense of community. By saying “make my funk the P Funk,” the band was encouraging their fans to fully immerse themselves in this world.

The Lyrics of “Make My Funk The P Funk”

The lyrics of “Make My Funk The P Funk” are fairly simple, but they are delivered with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. The song begins with the repeated chant of “we want the funk,” which is a call to the audience to join in and participate. The verses are filled with colorful imagery and playful wordplay, such as “I’m the one who loves to boogie, I’m the one who loves to jam” and “we’re gonna funk you right on up, we’re gonna funk you till you just can’t funk no more.”

The Legacy of P Funk

The P Funk sound had a major influence on the development of funk and hip-hop music. Many prominent musicians, including Prince and Dr. Dre, have cited George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic as major inspirations. The band’s visual aesthetic has also had a lasting impact on popular culture, with elements of their style appearing in everything from fashion to animation.


“Make My Funk The P Funk” is a classic example of the P Funk sound and ethos. The song’s catchy chorus and playful lyrics have made it a fan favorite for decades, and it continues to be a staple of George Clinton’s live shows. The P Funk movement may have originated in the 1970s, but its influence can still be felt today in the music and culture of hip-hop and funk. So next time you hear “we want the funk,” don’t be afraid to make your funk the P Funk!

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