Mercedes Sosa Alfonsina Y El Mar Lyrics

Mercedes Sosa

Mercedes Sosa was an iconic Argentine singer who left an indelible mark on the music scene in Latin America and beyond. Known fondly as “La Negra,” she was renowned for her powerful voice, political activism, and soulful interpretations of traditional folk songs. One of her most beloved songs is “Alfonsina y el Mar,” a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni. In this article, we explore the history and meaning behind the lyrics of this timeless classic.

The Story Behind the Song

Alfonsina Storni

The story of “Alfonsina y el Mar” is both tragic and inspiring. The song was written by the Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez and the poet Félix Luna in 1969, in tribute to Alfonsina Storni, a pioneering feminist poet who had committed suicide by drowning herself in the Atlantic Ocean in 1938. Storni had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was suffering from depression and financial difficulties at the time of her death.

The lyrics of “Alfonsina y el Mar” capture the melancholic beauty of Storni’s life and death, as well as the profound connection between the poet and the sea. The song reflects on the eternal cycle of life and death, and the enduring power of love and memory.

The Lyrics of “Alfonsina y el Mar”

Alfonsina y el Mar lyrics

Here are the lyrics of “Alfonsina y el Mar,” along with an English translation:

Original Spanish Lyrics:

Por la blanda arena que lame el mar
Su pequeña huella no vuelve más
Un sendero solo de pena y silencio llegó
Hasta el agua profunda
Un sendero solo de penas mudas llegó
Hasta la espuma

Porque Alfonsina se fue
Con su soledad
A ese mar que la hizo mujer
Con su dolor, con su amor
Que partió en la bruma
Allá como en un sueño
Alejando se va

Fragil como una flor
Su voz, su paso, su paz
Doy gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto
Me dio dos luceros que cuando los abro
Perfecto distingo lo negro del blanco
Y en el alto cielo su fondo estrellado
Y en las multitudes el hombre que yo amo

English Translation:

On the soft sand that the sea caresses
Her small footprint will never return
A lonely path of sorrow and silence reached
The deep water
A lonely path of silent sorrows reached
The foam

Because Alfonsina has left
With her solitude
To that sea that made her a woman
With her pain, with her love
That went away in the mist
There, as if in a dream
She goes away

Fragile as a flower
Her voice, her step, her peace
I thank life, which has given me so much
It has given me two stars that when I open them
Perfectly distinguish black from white
And in the sky above, its starry bottom
And within the multitudes the man I love

The Legacy of Mercedes Sosa

Mercedes Sosa in concert

Mercedes Sosa’s rendition of “Alfonsina y el Mar” is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and poignant versions of the song. Her powerful voice and emotional delivery capture the essence of the lyrics, and her interpretation has become a symbol of hope and resilience for many.

Sosa’s music was not only a reflection of her personal beliefs and experiences, but also a call to action for social justice and human rights. She was a tireless advocate for the oppressed and marginalized, and her activism inspired generations of Latin American artists and activists.


Mercedes Sosa and “Alfonsina y el Mar” will forever be intertwined in the hearts and minds of music lovers around the world. The song is a testament to the enduring power of poetry, music, and love, and a tribute to a remarkable woman whose legacy continues to inspire us all.

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