Say I Love You But I Lie Lyrics

Say I Love You But I Lie Lyrics

The Song

“Say I Love You But I Lie” is a song by the Filipino rock band, MYMP. It was released in 2007 as part of their album, “Now”. The song was written by Juris Fernandez, MYMP’s lead vocalist, and composed by Chin Alcantara. The song became a hit not only in the Philippines but also in other Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.


The Lyrics

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a woman who is in love with a man who constantly lies to her. The woman knows that the man is not telling the truth, but she chooses to stay with him anyway because she loves him. The chorus of the song goes:

“Say I love you but I lie
Say I miss you but it’s just another lie
Pretend that you’re not hurting me
And I’ll pretend that I’m not crying”


The Message

The song’s message is clear: love can be painful, especially when it’s not reciprocated. The woman in the song is willing to endure the pain of being lied to because she loves the man. However, in the end, the lies become too much for her to handle, and she decides to leave the man.


The Impact

“Say I Love You But I Lie” became an anthem for those who have been hurt by love. The song’s emotional lyrics and Juris Fernandez’s powerful vocals resonated with listeners who have experienced heartbreak. The song also helped MYMP gain more fans, and it became one of their most popular songs.


The Cover

In 2014, the Thai singer, Patcha Anek-Ayuwat, released a cover of “Say I Love You But I Lie”. Her cover became a hit in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The cover features a more upbeat tempo than the original, but the lyrics and message remain the same.

Patcha Anek-Ayuwat

The Music Video

The music video for “Say I Love You But I Lie” features Juris Fernandez walking through a park and singing the song. The video is simple, but it complements the song’s emotional lyrics. The video has over 12 million views on YouTube as of 2021.

Music Video

The Legacy

“Say I Love You But I Lie” remains one of MYMP’s most beloved songs. It has become a staple in Filipino radio stations and karaoke bars. The song’s message of love and heartbreak continues to resonate with listeners, and it has become an enduring classic in Filipino music.


The Conclusion

“Say I Love You But I Lie” is a song that captures the pain of unrequited love. The song’s message is universal, and it has resonated with listeners all over the world. MYMP’s emotional rendition and Juris Fernandez’s powerful vocals make the song a must-listen for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. The song’s legacy continues to grow, and it remains a testament to the power of music to express the deepest human emotions.

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