Taylor Swift New Year’s Day Lyrics

Taylor Swift New Year's Day Lyrics

Taylor Swift’s reputation album was released on November 10, 2017. The album is Swift’s sixth studio album and features 15 tracks. One of the most emotional tracks on the album is “New Year’s Day”.

What is “New Year’s Day” about?

New Year's Day Lyrics

Swift wrote “New Year’s Day” about a real-life experience she had with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. The song is about being there for someone through thick and thin, no matter what. The song is a beautiful tribute to the power of love.

Lyrics of “New Year’s Day”

The lyrics of “New Year’s Day” are incredibly emotional and powerful. Here are some of the most touching lines from the song:

“Don’t read the last page
But I stay when you’re lost, and I’m scared, and you’re turning away
I want your midnights
But I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day”

The song is a reminder that love is messy and not always perfect, but it’s worth fighting for.

The impact of “New Year’s Day”

Taylor Swift reputation album

“New Year’s Day” has become a fan favorite and has been performed by Swift on several occasions. The song has also been used in commercials and TV shows, and has helped to cement Swift’s reputation as one of the most talented songwriters of her generation.


“New Year’s Day” is a powerful song about the strength of love and the importance of being there for someone through thick and thin. The emotional lyrics and beautiful melody make it one of the standout tracks on Swift’s reputation album. It’s no wonder that fans have fallen in love with this song and that it has become a staple of Swift’s live performances.

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