The Pros And Cons Of Breathing Lyrics

Breathing Lyrics

Breathing lyrics is a technique used by singers to enhance their performance. It involves taking a breath at strategic points in a song to give the lyrics more emphasis and impact. This technique has its pros and cons, and in this article, we will explore both sides of the argument.

The Pros Of Breathing Lyrics

Pros of Breathing Lyrics

One of the benefits of breathing lyrics is that it can help singers to sustain their notes for longer periods. By taking a breath at the right time, singers can avoid running out of breath mid-phrase, which can be distracting for the audience. Breathing lyrics can also help to create a more dynamic and engaging performance, by adding natural pauses and variations in tone.

Another advantage of breathing lyrics is that it can help singers to convey emotion more effectively. By taking a breath before a particularly emotional or powerful phrase, singers can build up tension and anticipation, making the lyrics more impactful. This technique can be especially effective in ballads and other slow, emotional songs.

The Cons Of Breathing Lyrics

Cons of Breathing Lyrics

On the other hand, breathing lyrics can also have some drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is that it can interrupt the flow of the song and make it sound choppy. If singers take too many breaths, or if they take them at the wrong time, it can disrupt the rhythm and pacing of the song, making it difficult for the audience to follow.

Another downside of breathing lyrics is that it can be difficult to master. Singers need to have a good sense of timing and phrasing to know when to take a breath, and they also need to be able to do it quickly and smoothly without disrupting the song. This can take a lot of practice and skill, which not all singers may possess.


So, what is the verdict on breathing lyrics? Ultimately, it depends on the singer and the song. Breathing lyrics can be a powerful tool for enhancing a performance, but it needs to be used judiciously and with careful consideration. If done well, it can help to create a more dynamic and emotional performance that will captivate audiences. However, if done poorly, it can detract from the song and make it sound amateurish. So, singers should experiment with breathing lyrics and practice it with patience and perseverance to achieve the desired results.

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