What It Means To Be A Friend Lyrics


Friendship is a special bond that connects people in a unique way. It is a relationship that is built on trust, loyalty, and mutual understanding. When we have friends, we have people to share our joys and sorrows, our dreams and aspirations, and our successes and failures. One of the best ways to express the value of friendship is through music, and the song “What It Means To Be A Friend” is a perfect example of this.

The Lyrics

The song “What It Means To Be A Friend” was written by Jason Robert Brown for the musical “13”. The lyrics speak about the importance of friendship and what it means to be a true friend. The song begins with the following lines:

“When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.
When you’re down on your luck and nothing’s right,
Close your eyes and think of me,
And soon I will be there,
To brighten up even your darkest night.”

These lines convey the idea that a true friend is someone who is always there for you, even in the darkest of times. They are someone who can bring light to your life and make everything better.

The Meaning

The song goes on to talk about the different aspects of friendship, such as loyalty, support, and understanding. It emphasizes the importance of being there for each other, no matter what. The chorus of the song goes:

“What it means to be a friend,
Is loving till the very end,
Trying to put somebody else’s happiness above your own.”

This chorus captures the essence of friendship – it is about putting the needs of others before your own, and loving them unconditionally.

The Message

The message of the song is clear – to be a true friend, you must be willing to give of yourself, to be there for others, and to love them unconditionally. It reminds us that friendship is not just about having fun together, but about being there for each other in good times and bad.

As the song says:

“It’s the ones who care that count,
And in the end, it’s what life’s all about.”

These lines remind us that it is the people who care about us that make our lives worth living. Without friends, life would be a much lonelier and less fulfilling experience.

In Conclusion

The song “What It Means To Be A Friend” is a beautiful tribute to the value of friendship. It reminds us that friends are the ones who make life worth living, and that being there for each other is what really counts. So, if you have friends in your life, cherish them, love them, and be there for them. And if you don’t have friends, go out and make some – you never know where the journey might take you.

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