When I Found You Jasmine Rae Lyrics

Jasmine Rae


Jasmine Rae is an Australian country singer and songwriter. She has released five studio albums and won numerous awards, including the 2013 CMC Oz Artist of the Year. “When I Found You” is a popular song from her second album, Listen Here.

When I Found You Jasmine Rae

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “When I Found You” tell the story of a person who has been searching for love and finally finds it in someone special. The song is about the feeling of joy and fulfillment that comes with finding the right person. The chorus goes:

“When I found you, I found me
When I found you, I found everything I need
When I found you, I found love
When I found you, I found me”

The Meaning

The song is about the transformative power of love. It suggests that love can change a person’s life in profound ways and make them feel complete. The lyrics imply that the narrator was incomplete before finding their partner, and that their partner brings out the best in them. The song is a celebration of love and the happiness it can bring.


The Music

“When I Found You” is a country ballad with a slow tempo and a gentle melody. The song features acoustic guitars, piano, and strings, giving it a soft and romantic feel. Jasmine Rae’s vocals are emotional and heartfelt, conveying the song’s message of love and happiness.

Acoustic Guitar

The Reception

“When I Found You” was well-received by both critics and fans. The song was a top 10 hit on the Australian country charts and helped to establish Jasmine Rae as a rising star in the genre. The song’s uplifting message and beautiful melody resonated with listeners, making it a popular choice for weddings and romantic occasions.

Jasmine Rae live

The Legacy

“When I Found You” remains one of Jasmine Rae’s most popular and beloved songs. It continues to be played on radio stations and streamed on music platforms around the world. The song’s message of love and happiness has made it a timeless classic, and it will likely continue to be a favorite among country music fans for many years to come.


“When I Found You” is a beautiful and uplifting song that celebrates the power of love. The lyrics, music, and vocals all work together to create a romantic and emotional experience for listeners. Whether you’re in a relationship or still searching for love, this song is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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