When I Had You To Myself Lyrics

Michael Jackson

The song “When I Had You To Myself” is a track from Michael Jackson’s sixth studio album, “Off the Wall.” Released in 1979, the album became a critical and commercial success, solidifying Jackson’s status as a pop icon.

The Lyrics

When I Had You To Myself Lyrics

The lyrics of “When I Had You To Myself” speak of a love that has been lost. Jackson sings about how he used to have his lover all to himself, but now she is with someone else. He reminisces about the times they shared and wonders if he will ever find someone like her again.

The song is a poignant reminder of the pain of lost love, something that many people can relate to. Jackson’s soulful voice and the melancholic melody make the song even more emotive.

The Inspiration

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones

The song was written by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, two of the most successful musicians of all time. In an interview with Ebony magazine, Jackson revealed that the song was inspired by a real-life experience.

He said that he had been in a relationship with a girl who was seeing someone else behind his back. He found out about it and was heartbroken. The experience inspired him to write the song, which he described as “very personal.”

McCartney also spoke about the inspiration behind the song in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. He said that he and Jackson had been discussing their relationships and how hard it was to find someone who truly loved them. The conversation led to the creation of the song.

The Legacy

Michael Jackson's Off the Wall album

“Off the Wall” was a groundbreaking album that changed the course of pop music. It was the first album to ever have four number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “When I Had You To Myself” was not released as a single, but it remains a fan favorite to this day.

The song is a testament to Michael Jackson’s skill as a songwriter and performer. His ability to evoke emotion through his music is what made him one of the greatest artists of all time.


“When I Had You To Myself” is a beautiful song that speaks to the pain of lost love. Its lyrics are relatable and its melody is haunting. The song is a testament to the talent of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, two of the greatest musicians of all time.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

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