Will I Am Ft Miley Cyrus Lyrics

Will I Am Ft Miley Cyrus Lyrics


“Feelin’ Myself” is a song by American rapper will.i.am featuring Miley Cyrus, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa. The song was released on November 26, 2013, as the third single from will.i.am’s fourth studio album, #willpower.

Feelin' Myself

The Lyrics

The song starts with will.i.am singing the chorus:

“I be everywhere, everybody know me
Super, super fresh with a dope styling
Honey on my wrist, couple of karats
Could afford to get them diamonds, all white BMW
Riding to the club, I’m getting paid a ton
I’m a superstar, and I’m famous
I’m a superstar, and I’m famous”

Miley Cyrus then enters with her verse:

“Drivin’ so fast, ‘bout to piss on myself
Faded, I’m faded, oh yeah
I’m smoking so much weed, need a CPR
I’m a bad bitch, ain’t no need for me to rehearse
Can’t stop, won’t stop, getting on my nerves
Good girls gotta get down with the bad boys
It’s still a love song, tell them DJ’s to put it back on
If you’re a real man, then ask me to sing it again”

French Montana then raps:

“Shorty got that cake, cake, cake
Call me up, I can get it down
Them niggas checkin’ my style, they know that I’m the king
Got my black card and my Visa in my pocket
I’mma spend all of my money, ‘cause today I don’t feel like stopping
I’m a millionaire, but I feel like a billionaire
All these bottles popping, I’mma drown in my sorrows”

And finally, Wiz Khalifa closes the song with his verse:

“Uh, fucking up the game, bout to change it up
I see Rihanna, I’ma make her mine
I ain’t never seen an ass like hers
That pussy in my mouth, had me lost for words
Told her to back it up, like berp, berp, berp
All that ass on your back, can’t get up in that purse
Let’s get up out of here, come on, let’s get up out of here
Baby I’m a boss, I’m talking George Steinbrenner”

Miley Cyrus and will.i.am


“Feelin’ Myself” is a song about flaunting your wealth and success, as well as enjoying the party lifestyle. The lyrics are very braggadocious, with each rapper and singer talking about their cars, jewelry, and money. Miley Cyrus’ verse is particularly interesting, as she talks about smoking weed and being a “bad bitch”. This was a departure from her earlier, more wholesome image.

The song has received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the catchy beat and memorable hooks, while others criticized the shallow lyrics and lack of substance. However, it was a commercial success, peaking at number 2 on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.


“Feelin’ Myself” is a fun, upbeat song that is perfect for parties and clubs. While the lyrics may not be deep or meaningful, they are catchy and memorable. The collaboration between will.i.am, Miley Cyrus, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa was unexpected but worked well. Overall, “Feelin’ Myself” is a solid addition to will.i.am’s discography.

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