You Got It Bad By Usher Lyrics

Usher - You Got It Bad


“You Got It Bad” is a song by American singer Usher, released as the second single from his third studio album, “8701” in 2001. It is a slow R&B ballad that talks about the pain of realizing that you are deeply in love with someone who may not feel the same way.

Usher - 8701

Verse 1

The song begins with Usher singing about how he used to be a player and never wanted to settle down, but then he met someone who changed everything. He sings, “When you feel it in your body / You found somebody who makes you change your ways / Like hanging with your crew / Said you act like you’re ready / But you don’t really know.”

Usher in concert


The chorus of the song is the most popular part and features Usher singing, “You got it, you got it bad / When you’re on the phone / Hang up and you call right back / You got it, you got it bad / If you miss a day without your friend / Your whole life’s off track.”

Usher in music video

Verse 2

In the second verse, Usher continues to sing about how this person has taken over his life and how he can’t stop thinking about them. He sings, “You’ve got your head all in the clouds / You’re not at all what you seem / This mind, this body, and this heart / Is all for you.”

Usher on stage


The bridge of the song is a short rap by Usher, where he talks about how he would do anything for this person, even if it meant going against his own beliefs. He raps, “I’m your man, I’ll be your friend / Till the end, till the end, now / If you’re ever in a jam, you call on me / Till the end, till the end, now.”

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Chorus (x2)

The chorus is repeated twice more before the song ends. Usher’s vocals are emotional and powerful, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever been in love and felt that they couldn’t live without the other person.


“You Got It Bad” is one of Usher’s most iconic songs and has stood the test of time. Its lyrics are timeless, and the melody is catchy and unforgettable. The song is a masterpiece of R&B music and will continue to be loved by fans all over the world for many years to come.

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